New Musical Theater of San Francisco is a registered 501(c)3 IRS charitable organization. We are always grateful for the generous support we have received and continue to receive.

The 2011 Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Grants for the Arts

The Amgen Foundation
The Donald A Campbell Family Foundation

Our ongoing “Round One Cabaret” series introduces the music and musical plays of Bay Area writers to paying audiences in a unique, story based, presentation. We presented our third in this wonderful work during November, 2012. The  following Kickstarter Backers helped bring two of these special programs to life.

George Ryan –  David Elson –  Marcin Zukowski –  Paul Sinasohn –  Michael Lunsford –  Joann Zimmerman –  Edith Pollock Kerr –  Dave Clay –  Sophie Hayden –  Dan Koren –  James Lynch III –  Nadine Panos –  Rick Johnson –  Paul Frantz –  Richard Jennings –  John Galloway –  Richard Isen –  Jonathon Johnson –  Sandy –  Esther Rosen –  Jim Forster –  William –  Robert Kaye –  Jon Rosen –  Lauren Petit –  Michael Margolis –  Yelena Nedelko Meisel –  Jon Hornstein –  Lell Benavides –  David H. Nishikawa –  William D. Razo –  William Holab –  Cory Bytof –  Marjorie N. Ames –  Stephanie Morris –  Tracy Potter –  Ronald West –  Jenny Lee –  Chris Boudreau –  Candace Hunter –  Terry Daniello –  Maggie –  Louise

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