“Show Me Yours” is underway!

As you can see on the home page, our newest original musical revue, “Show Me Yours – Songs of Innocence and Experience” is open and underway! And it’s just great. We whipped out our… iPhones and grabbed some quick teaser clips from the show. Over the next few days, come on back to enjoy great moments like this one:

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Our monthly musical theater writing workshops

For nearly 2 years, New Musical Theatre of San Francisco has been offering free monthly workshops to writers and composers of musical theater. These classes are a great way to get to know other writers and composers as well as get to know Artistic Director and Nygren Doherty. Topics for these classes have run the gamut from how to build characters and the roles characters play in the story, to a survey of the technologies utilized by music and theater creators today. To get on the mailing list, contact rjenningsmusic@comcast.net.  And check back for future blogs–we will be posting our upcoming list of classes soon.
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Not Quite Opera has a new name!

What’s in a name? Well, after careful soul searching and feedback from our rapidly growing fan base, our board has decided it’s time for ours to change – time for a name reflecting our unique mission here in the bay area and more. So welcome “The New Musical Theater of San Francisco” to our masthead. Too much to type into the address bar? “nmtsf.org” works just as well.

Thanks to one and all! Keep in tune, stay tuned and let’s sing a show tune!

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AUDITIONS – “Show Me Yours – Songs of Innocence and Experience


Not Quite Opera is pleased to announce casting for the new musical revue, Show Me Yours – Songs of Innocence and Experience by members of Not Quite Opera’s resident writer/composer ensemble, directed by Ben Randle.
About the show: 
A funny, poignant musical cabaret about sex and all that comes with it. Featuring all original music and lyrics by Pen and Ink, Not Quite Opera’s resident writer/composer ensemble:  Peter Alexander, Anne Nygren Doherty, Paul Frantz, Jerome Gentes, Richard Hefner, Richard Isen, Richard Jennings, Sandy Kasten, Andrew Klein, Ben Prince, Denise Wharmby and Pam Winfrey.  Directed by Ben Randle. Music direction by Ben Prince. April 5 through 27th; Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., Sundays at 4 p.m.  at The Alcove Theater, 414 Mason Street, San Francisco. Produced by Not Quite Opera Productions – soon to be known as New Musical Theater of San Francisco. 
Casting the following roles (non-AEA and AEA, see “pay” below):
Actor-singers for a 5-person ensemble. All ages and ethnicities. 
Saturday, January 19th, 2012 (General Auditions/by appointment only, from 10:00am)
The Alcove Theater located near Union Square at 414 Mason St., Fifth Floor, San Francisco.
Two contrasting songs, strict 32-bar each. 
Rehearsals begin early March and will rehearse 4 days a week (weekend daytime hours and Monday and Tuesday evenings until technical rehearsals.)
April 5th thru 27th
Thursdays-Saturdays, 8pm, Sundays 5pm
Pay: $30 per performance (14 performances total. Rehearsals and performances inclusive. No AEA contract, as the performances are considered ‘cabaret’. Non-negotiable).
To set up an audition time, please send a headshot and resumé, to inquiries@notquiteopera.dreamhosters.com. Auditions slots are given by invitation based on e-mail submission. E-mails that do not include headshots and resumés will not be considered. NO PHONE CALLS OR LINKS TO WEBSITES, PLEASE!
Anne Doherty, Artistic Director
Ben Randle, Director
Ben Prince, Musical Director
Written by Peter Alexander, Anne Nygren Doherty, Paul Frantz, Jerome Gentes, Richard Hefner, Richard Isen, Richard Jennings, Sandy Kasten, Andrew Klein, Ben Prince, Denise Wharmby and Pam Winfrey. 

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“Round One: Taking Charge in a Crazy World” Rehearsals Underway!

Ben Prince, Helen LaRoche and Rana Weber rehearsing for the Not Quite Opera’s November 2012 “Round One Cabaret”

The excitement is building for Not Quite Opera’s upcoming THIRD edition of their wonderful “Round One” Cabaret series, playing here at the Alcove on November 9, 10, 16 and 17, 2012. Again, NQO brings you a cabaret style sampling of new works from San Francisco area authors and composers of musical theater. Directed by Jonathan F. Rosen with Music Direction by Ben Prince, this time we’ll enjoy an eclectic mix of songs mostly in the contemporary Broadway style.

Singer, Ernie Tovar, and Director, Jonathan Rosen, go over notes.

Among the eight new musicals represented are: “Scary, Scary Night” – a camp Halloween comedy, “In the Hands of the Raven,” a spiritual “dramedy” about coping with loss, “Uncle Sam’s Lament” – a contemporary American political satire.

The composers and lyricists (whose works were selected from dozens of submissions) are a who’s who of Bay Area rising talent: Peter Alexander, Billie Cox, Paul James Frantz, Richard Jennings, Bill Johnson, Sandy Kasten, Allison Lovejoy, Michael Lunsford and Peter Master. The ensemble consists of six talented performers, many of whom are staples of the local musical theater scene: David Bicha, Helen Laroche, Jihan Sibar, Ernie Tovar, Rana Weber, and Ted Zoldan.

See you soon!

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Audition Notice for the Fall 2012 “Round One Cabaret of New Music for the Stage”

Announcing auditions for singers for Not Quite Opera Productions’ Round One Cabaret, 3rd Edition!

Round One Cabaret is an evening of new songs by local writers and composers of musical theater.  This “Round” will feature new songs by Paul Franz, Sandy Kasten, Michael Lunsford, Peter Master, Billie Cox, Allison Lovejoy and Peter Alexander Welsh.  It will be directed by Jon Rosen, with music direction by Ben Prince.

The show will run 2 consecutive Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm - November 9/10 and 16/17 – at The Alcove Theater, 414 Mason Street, Ste 502, San Francisco, CA 94102.

Auditions will be on Saturday, September 8, from 10 am to 5pm, at The Alcove Theater.

Please bring a headshot and resume. Prepare an up-tempo song and a ballad. Monologues are not required, but if you would like to perform one, please prepare a 1-minute comic monologue. We may ask you to perform a cold reading from the show’s introductory and connective monologue/dialogue material (or possibly from a previous version of Round One). You may bring a CD for background music, or you may bring sheet music and we will provide an accompanist. Most of the music for this Round will be in the contemporary Broadway style.

We will be casting 6 singers – 3 males, 3 females – a variety of ages and vocal ranges. All ethnic types will be considered.

These are non-AEA positions, and a stipend will be paid to all performers.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please email inquiries@notquiteopera.dreamhosters.com or call 415.992.8168 and leave a message.  If you do not schedule an appointment, you may still audition as a “drop-in” as long as you arrive at least one hour before auditions close (5 PM). Also, please understand that without an appointment you will have to wait until all people with appointments have been heard.

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“Absolutely San Francisco” returns for an encore summer performance

Anne Nygren Doherty as "Sunshine" on Thursdays

Mary Gibboney as "Sunshine" on Fridays and Saturdays







We’re so grateful for the wonderful reception “Absolutely San Francisco” received in it’s long 2010 – 2011 run, that we’re bringing it back for a special encore! We’ve updated the show a little bit and we’re going to enjoy a chance to see author/composer Anne Nygren Doherty perform on Thursdays and the ever-vivacious Mary Gibboney on Fridays and Saturdays, all at 8pm in our upgraded 49-seat home (yes we have comfy new seats!)

As ever, enjoy a premium ticket with cabaret table and an “Absolutely San Francisco” recycled gift bag containing our special AbSan wine, a poster, CD’s of our music, TCHO Chocolates, coupons and free concessions!

For full-price and premium tickets click here – Brown Paper Tickets. Also check for discount tickets here – Goldstar – and here – TixBayArea. Groups, go to – Golden Gate Group Tickets. Hope to see you at the show!

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Get your tickets for the new “Round One Cabaret” April 20, 21 and 22!

Not Quite Opera’s wonderful showcase of music from new works by Bay Area writers of musical theater returns on Friday and Saturday, April 20 and 21 at 8pm and Sunday April 22 at 4pm here at The Alcove Theater. NQO is one of the few places in the nation that exclusively develops and produces totally original musical theater. Directed by Anne Nygren Doherty, with musical director, Scott DeTurk, this uplifting revue features top notch vocal performances, soaring melodies, witty lyrics and penetrating insights.

The ten writers and composers for April’s Round One Cabaret were chosen from dozens of submissions. The April 20-22 show is a charming 110- minute musical revue, directed by Not Quite Opera artistic director Anne Nygren Doherty, the author and composer of NQO’s long-running hit, Absolutely San Francisco. Music direction is by Scott DeTurk.

L-R, Diana DiCostanzo, David Sasse, Kate Offer, Dale Murphy and Jenna Davi (Brett Hammon not pictured)

Round One features songs from ten different musicals by Cory Bytof, Owen Dockham, Richard Jennings, Randy Kasten, Sandy Kasten, Ron Lytle, Pat Morris, Tracy Held Potter, Liz White Salk and Patrick Wills. The soaring melodies and insightful, witty lyrics are sung by a sextet of talented performers, all of them veterans of the local musical theater scene: Diana DiCostanzo, Jenna Davi, David Sasse, Brett Hammon, Dale Murphy, and Kate Offer.

Each cabaret is built around a kind of abstract story – inspired by the theme – that utilizes the songs with roughly the same dramatic purpose as their parent musicals. So, although the songs are presented outside their original contexts, the evening captures the drive and feel of a plotted show. The result is part concert, part musical theater, and pure enjoyment.


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Audition Notice for the Next “Round One Cabaret of New Music for the Stage”

Not Quite Opera Productions will be auditioning SINGERS for its next Round One Cabaret Saturday, January 21, from 10am to 4pm at The Alcove Theater, 414 Mason Street, Ste 502, San Francisco.
Round One Cabaret is a quarterly showcase of original musical theater songs by local composers. The April show features music and lyrics by Joe Blodgett, Cory Bytof, John Quick, Liz Salk, Owen Dockham, Pat Morris, Randy Kasten, Sandy Kasten, Richard Jennings, Ron Lytle.
Show Dates: Friday, Saturday, April 20 and 21 at 8pm. Sunday April 22 at 4pm. 
We will be casting 6 singers – 3 women (1 sop, 1 mezzo, 1 alto), and 3 men (1 tenor, 1 high baritone, 1 baritone), in a wide age range (20 to 50), who can belt and/or sing legit. 
We need strong solo singers who can harmonize and work well in a group. 
This particular evening features excellent solo songs for comic/character types and middle-aged singers, as well as young romantic lead types. 
Director: Anne Nygren Doherty
Music Director: Scott DeTurk
For information and/or to make an appointment contact: anne@notquiteopera.dreamhosters.com or call Anne at 415.385.7293
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Not Quite Opera and the Academy for New Musical Theater presenting a new musicals workshop

Not Quite Opera Productions has partnered with the Academy for New Musical Theater of Los Angeles to present a workshop by ANMT’s Scott Guy.

For one Saturday only, January 28th, ANMT’s Scott Guy will be visiting the Alcove Theater (414 Mason Street, Fifth Floor, SF) from 10-4,  for a workshop of your musical theatre songs, scenes and lyrics.  Fee is $20.  This is a trial workshop; if there’s enough interest, we can discuss an ongoing series of workshops (once a quarter?  once a month?).
There will be as many as twelve half-hour slots:  up to 15 minutes of your musical followed by 15 minutes of feedback.  Click here to sign up for a slot.
Scott will speak to book, music and lyrics, as well as other points specific to your musical (things like lyric structure, progression, prosody, imagery; musical point of view, events, structure, range, euphony; book intention, clarity, diction, conflict, strength of character’s desires, etc.).
Your presentation itself should be really simple and modest:  you yourself singing at a piano or to a CD is perfectly fine (in fact, preferred); no need for polished performances from actors.  This workshop is about writing, not about performance.
We’ll also find some time to discuss what you might want in future workshops:  Scott is a producer in Los Angeles, and can also talk about topics such as marketing, approaching producers, agents, raising money, collaboration agreements, etc.
If you’re not familiar with the Academy for New Musical Theatre, you can visit an intro page.  The Alcove Theater is the home of Not Quite Opera Productions, producers of original musical theater.
If you’d like to see testimonials about ANMT feedback click on the intro page above, or there’s more than you can eat on Testimonials Page.
(If we don’t get a quorum, don’t worry — we’ll refund your money.  So go ahead and sign up; no worries.)
Click here to reserve a place in this exciting new musical theatre writers’ workshop.
Hope to see you soon!
–The Academy for New Musical Theatre
— Not Quite Opera Productions, Inc.
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