Compelling New Musical Looks at Love, Loss and Aging in the Aftermath of the Aids Crisis

It’s positive words all around from Bonnie Weiss, at Musical Theater Lovers United, calling Richard Isen’s music “haunting…”, Randy Roberts’ performance a “tour de force” by “…a consummate actor,” Richard Hefner “utterly convincing,” Ken Lear “…a wonder… right out of central casting,” Robert Kalfin’s staging and direction “…seamless,” Tammy L. Hall, Ruth Price and Caleb Herring’s “…musical blendings… so rich that they sound as if they are part of a larger ensemble.”

Read it all here. But most of all, take her final advice to heart:

“Robert Isen… has managed to pull off a very difficult feat: Tell a universal story in a novel way with surprising plot twists, create characters that we truly care about, and write music and lyrics that charm the ear, engage the mind and touch the heart. San Francisco is the city of its world premiere. The run ends on July 28th, so don’t miss your chance to catch it before it moves on.”

Get your tickets here.

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