Critic Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave says “Don’t Miss” Show Me Yours

Chloe Condon and Tom Reardon (Photo by John Doherty)

Chloe Condon and Tom Reardon (Photo by John Doherty)

Thanks and a tip of the hat to Buzzin’ Lee Hartgrave for his wonderful review of “Show Me Yours.” From the article:

SHOW ME YOURS… is a fun and strikingly original musical. Each song by the players is truly compelling… these songs of innocence and experience by Pen and Piano – The Resident Writing Company of New Musical Theater of San Francisco really know how to put words together …it’s unlike anything that has ever been done on this new venue. The excellent singing by the cast just takes your breath away!

[Artistic Director Anne Nygren Doherty’s group] …Paul James Frantz (Composer Lyricist). Jerome Gentes (Lyricist). Richard Hefner (Composer Lyricist). Richard Hefner (Composer, Lyricist) – Plus: Richard Isen – Richard Jennings, Sandy Kasten – Andrew Klein – Denise Wharmby’s and Pamela Winfrey. They certainly made the evening marvelous and touching… Hooray for “Pen and Piano”.

HERE IS THE STUNNING, EXCELLENT CAST! CHLOE CONDON – JACQUELINE DE MURO – TIM HOMSLEY – SHEELAGH MURPHY AND TOM REARDON. All in all, their renditions are dazzling and gripping! The enitre evening is inspiring and uplifting. You’ll feel good. DON’T MISS!

Read it all here.

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