Not Quite Opera and the Academy for New Musical Theater presenting a new musicals workshop

Not Quite Opera Productions has partnered with the Academy for New Musical Theater of Los Angeles to present a workshop by ANMT’s Scott Guy.

For one Saturday only, January 28th, ANMT’s Scott Guy will be visiting the Alcove Theater (414 Mason Street, Fifth Floor, SF) from 10-4,  for a workshop of your musical theatre songs, scenes and lyrics.  Fee is $20.  This is a trial workshop; if there’s enough interest, we can discuss an ongoing series of workshops (once a quarter?  once a month?).
There will be as many as twelve half-hour slots:  up to 15 minutes of your musical followed by 15 minutes of feedback.  Click here to sign up for a slot.
Scott will speak to book, music and lyrics, as well as other points specific to your musical (things like lyric structure, progression, prosody, imagery; musical point of view, events, structure, range, euphony; book intention, clarity, diction, conflict, strength of character’s desires, etc.).
Your presentation itself should be really simple and modest:  you yourself singing at a piano or to a CD is perfectly fine (in fact, preferred); no need for polished performances from actors.  This workshop is about writing, not about performance.
We’ll also find some time to discuss what you might want in future workshops:  Scott is a producer in Los Angeles, and can also talk about topics such as marketing, approaching producers, agents, raising money, collaboration agreements, etc.
If you’re not familiar with the Academy for New Musical Theatre, you can visit an intro page.  The Alcove Theater is the home of Not Quite Opera Productions, producers of original musical theater.
If you’d like to see testimonials about ANMT feedback click on the intro page above, or there’s more than you can eat on Testimonials Page.
(If we don’t get a quorum, don’t worry — we’ll refund your money.  So go ahead and sign up; no worries.)
Click here to reserve a place in this exciting new musical theatre writers’ workshop.
Hope to see you soon!
–The Academy for New Musical Theatre
— Not Quite Opera Productions, Inc.
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