Karen Hirst is back in Absolutely San Francisco

Karen Hirst is back for July and August on Thursdays and Saturdays!
(with Mary continuing Sundays!) Karen was the originator of the role,
“Sunshine,” in 2006 as well as the actress who launched the one-woman
show in September 2010. Karen electrified her “re-opening” night
performance last Thursday with a wonderful performance. Two
“Sunshine”s” — twice the fun! Get tickets now!

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2 Responses to Karen Hirst is back in Absolutely San Francisco

  1. Dennis Anderson says:

    We arrive in SF for a week on Ssturday. Sept. 3

    Will “Absolutely San Francisco” be peformed during that time? Ideally 3-4-5?


    • xgaffer says:

      Hi Dennis,
      I’m sorry, but we’re taking a brief hiatus between today (8/21/11) and September 18. We’ve been at it pretty hard since March, and we’re doing a little fix up and brush up to get the fall season underway properly.

      Thanks a million for thinking of us. We hate to lose even one guest at the show, but there it is.


      -John Doherty

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