Not Quite Opera and The Alcove Theater welcome “Assisted Living: The Musical”

Welcome to “Assisted Living: The Musical” for rehearsals this June. Here’s what has been said about the show: “Assisted Living: The Musical® broke new ground a year ago in Naples, FL. and audiences haven’t stopped laughing (or coming back) since…” …NAPLES, Fla. — So, a man and a woman walk into a strip-mall restaurant packed full of retirees, and start mouthing off about sagging breasts, lost dentures, and how everyone there is standing at death’s door.

What’s the punch line? Rick Compton and Betsy Bennett implore you to find out with Assisted Living: The Musical. The singer-songwriter duo dare to poke fun at the aged in ways often off-limits on stage and screen – and audiences are laughing so hard they cry…”

After rehearsing here, the show plays at THE IMPERIAL PALACE (Chinese Restaurant) 818 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 Meal and show are located at THE IMPERIAL PALACE. For tickets go to: “Assisted Living: The Musical”

Well, break a leg, and we don’t mean from osteoporosis… -jd

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